A total solution is possible.

At TrustPoint, we understand what a hassle it can be to try to manage several partners, as well as software upgrades, hardware maintenance, and new technology implementations. That’s why we do it all, but with a personal touch. We tailor our managed services and technology solutions to fit your company’s specific needs and budget, allowing you to focus on what matters most — your business.

As your Managed Service Provider, whether we work on-site or remotely, we integrate ourselves into your organization as though we are a part of the team.

Our NetworkCare plan includes:

Technology assessment
We start with a full technology assessment that includes a network review and an inventory of your existing equipment and software. This allows us to understand your current environment and maximize existing resources where possible.
Technology plan
After we discuss your immediate technological needs, we work with you to develop a technology plan that enables your company to utilize technology to accomplish both your short and long-term business goals.
Quarterly technology meetings
We don’t set you on a new technology path and walk away. We’ll check in every quarter to assess your needs and ensure continued success.
On-site and/or remote support
Our NetworkCare is flexible and customizable. It can either be fully managed by TrustPoint’s expert team virtually or easily integrated into your company’s existing staff with on-site support.
Hardware and software management
We’ll handle your equipment and software needs from daily maintenance and updates to support services, licensing and warranties.
Help desk and technical support
Trust us to solve every issue in a timely and transparent manner. We’ll act as your reliable, one-stop contact for everything from your everyday tech issues, to disaster recovery and spyware scans.
24/7 monitoring
We’re always on so you don’t have to be. Our round-the-clock monitoring means immediate response to security threats and optimal performance at every hour.
Patch & backup management
Our fully automated backup plans ensure your files and data are logged, monitored and saved to multiple locations, so nothing is ever lost.

Levels of service.

NetworkCare Full: On-site staff

We’re so committed to your success that we join your team. As your in-house IT department, our experts will fully integrate themselves into the company’s culture to make sure every technology decision is made in the best interest of your business and its success. Through our daily, weekly or as-needed visits, we’ll build lasting relationships and deliver the best customer service with a personal touch.

NetworkCare Lite: Remote staff

Modern technology allows many issues to be resolved from remote locations. Our off-site experts provide total NetworkCare and support to your staff for effective, reliable and hassle-free service.